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Netherworld Flip Frenzy #45 - October 2nd

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Tickets for the October Flip Frenzy will go on sale on Sunday the 5th of September from midday via events.humanitix.com/flipfrenzyoct2

A chaotic burst of mayhem has infected the pinball wizards of the Netherworld, resulting in one morning of manic head to head competition. They call it…Flip Frenzy!

Over the course of exactly 3 hours, you’ll be pitted against random opponents on a large variety of pinball machines. Win or lose then move game and opponent. Expect to play a significant amount of quick games. Most wins at the end of the whirlwind competition takes the fanatical trophy, so speed is key. Registration is a must. $20 gets you entry and your first drink. Suitable for all levels of wizard skill and pinball bashing. The rules in detail will be explained on the morning, so make sure you get there at 8.30am for the rundown. Prizes for the top 3 places including a limited edition enamel pin designed by Moonshine Madness.

Flip Frenzy is an IFPA endorsed event. All participants will receive a worldwide pinball ranking. Event limited to 40 contenders.

**Please note**: Flip Frenzy begins at 9am sharp, so please be at Netherworld by 8.30am. Doors officially open at 8am.

Flip Frenzy 2021 Generic.png

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Format update for any future Flip Frenzy's at Netherworld mates. Reducing the amount of players slightly and adding a finals component.



New Format:

Quick Overview

  • Players compete in head to head matches over 3 hours.
  • The top 4 players at the completion of the 3 hours will play off in a best of 3 games, 4 player matchplay final

Format Details


  • First, each machine is randomly assigned two players. The remaining players are placed in one central queue
  • When a match is completed: - both players return to the tournament directors desk to record result - the loser stays on the machine they just played, unless he/she has lost twice consecutively, in which case the winner stays on - the other player goes to the rear of the queue - the player at the front of the queue moves up to compete against the player staying on the machine
  • At the end of 3 hours no more games may start. Ties will be broken by the most wins.
  • Extra balls turned off when possible
  • All rulings and malfunctions will be based on the rules for the IFPA World Pinball Championship


  • Best of 3 games, 4 player matchplay final
  • Machines chosen at random
  • Highest seed chooses playing position first, second seed second etc
  • On subsequent games the person with the lowest score from the previous game chooses playing position first, then second lowest score etc
  • 7/5/3/1 scoring


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