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WTB Super Hangon PCB


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7 hours ago, yngbld said:

Hey guys just seeing if anybody is sitting on a SHO pcb at their looking to add to my cab, mines shot!..


Pm if looking to move on.


Is the board non repairable?


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Hey Boys

Not 100% sure, I was under the impression once it suicides it was over, however after advice from a few members, it can be repaired, so I've reached out and am waiting to hear back, if maybe we can get it back to life., fingers crossed!



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After some further reading and discussion turns out they can be "de suicided" there's a mob called Sega Resurrection that do a specific romset with a replacement mpu for boards that have died , may be something to consider to avoid your battery eventually giving out. I wasn't that lucky mine has further issues however fortunately one of the boys on the forum is happy to have a look at the board and see if we can bring it back to life. Happy to report back with an update with further suggestions after my board gets the once over. @Roger Xplosion

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