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Gold Balls Tournaments are Back!

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Time to start some competitions at my place again. 

These will be held last Sunday in every month.


First Competition will be on September 26th, then monthly after that. 

Start Time 1pm (warm up from 12:30)

Format will be 3 hours of head to head play on random games with random opponent.

Scoring will be 1 point for  win, 0 for a loss, and 2 points if you double your opponents final score!!

At the end of the 3 hours, top 4 will play a 4 game final (all games played at once, starting 1 player on each machine then moving to next to play your next ball). Scoring for finals will be 7,5,3,1. After the 4 games, and ties will be decided by a 1 game play-off. A consolation final will be played for the next 4 best players after the 3 hours in the same format. First group gets choice of games (1 choice each).

Prizes will be medallions, cash and WPPR points on offer.

Cost $10 per player


Current game list includes:

WOZ, POTC, ACNC, AMH, DP, AIQ, CV, HGTWT, JB, WCS, 1 em (ST) and Celts if behaving itself. 


Plan is the whole thing will be over by 5:30 in time to kick everyone out for dinner. 

Everyone is welcome and new players encouraged. 

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