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Anyone happen to be driving from Adelaide to Melbourne next week?


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Being over a great big piece of water really makes transport hard...I was hoping you bloody victorians would control yourselves so I could go get it....but no....can you do what you are told...😆

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On 24/08/2021 at 8:27 AM, GORGAR 1 said:

Hey Michael just noticed your in Tassie now 👍 What part of the beautiful state are you living?  Hope all’s well. 

Hey Pete, just saw this now. Been a busy 3 days getting our furniture out of the old house in Vic.

Yeah mate, made the move down to Tassie and we are near Launceston. Best decision we have made, such a beautiful place.

We are well thanks Pete, hope you, Ben and the family are well also. I just read you had surgery? Hope you are ok. Let me know if you are ever down this way. 👍

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