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Bally leg brackets

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Just wondering if anyone has upgraded their leg brackets and has their old original  Bally leg brackets  hanging around. I’ve just started putting a supersonic back together and have discovered one is missing and one is only half of one!  Take a look a the picture. I’ve never even seen just 1/2 before!

so I’m hunting for 2 legs brackets. 

I don’t mind if they are rusted to all hell. I’m happy to restore them. 



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On 18/08/2021 at 9:00 AM, ajfclark said:

If they're the same as (or compatible with) the williams ones, I have a few about, but It's probably cheaper to just order some from RTBB?


I think they are the same. None in stock locally. They are pretty cheap from PBR (under $3 each) but of course the postage is insane. Annoyingly I’d only just ordered some flipper rebuild kits from them before I realized I needed the leg brackets or as I now know them to be called “leg tees”. 

If you do have a couple lying around how much would you want for them?  

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2 hours ago, wiredoug said:

they're 2.75 new ?

RTBB was quoting 5.25 and I just rounded up. As PSPA has them listed cheaper, sure, I'd do too so I can restock.

But it's moot if PSPA is back in stock, just grab them there.

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13 minutes ago, ocyen said:

Don't bother with these old style leg brackets. Install some of the newer WMS style brackets which mount to the adjacent sides of the cabinet. Much stronger. 


Agreed. I used these in my pinball pool, much stronger

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