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15 hours ago, spacies said:

Boards and power supply parts have been shipped ex USA.

I'll still continue on with this in the meantime. Still plenty to do!

Cleaning, reassembly and.... sorting that wiring! Ack. 







What a blimmin' mess! Ha ha





Love what you’ve done with the wiring 😂😂😂

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Been cleaning up all the electrical stuff the last couple of days. I made a new base for the transformers, fuses, suitcase etc.  Cleaned and painted the transformers and it is now in the cabinet.



I am waiting on my package so I can rebuild the suitcase and power supply. I fitted the brackets and stuff in the meantime.

There are three looms in this machine, one for the AC, one for the game PCB (pictured below) and one for the speakers. And they were all disgusting! Ha ha. I ended up unpicking, cleaning and new cable ties to get them looking like new. Well worth it.







In my pics ,and all the others I have seen, they just put the negative or the positive connections for the speakers at the front. I guess it depended on who was on the day? So that meant one of the speakers was out of phase. Both the terminals are the same size and there are no coloured dots. I did notice those two little holes which prob mean something. A quick with a battery confirmed that was the positive terminal. Easy way to check it use a 9v battery and run some wires to the speaker leaving one not connected. The tap the wire on  the battery. If the cone moves inwards you are out of phase. If the cone moves outwards you have it connected correctly. 






Both speakers back in and the earth soldered back on from the AC loom.

That's a big mission done!





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1 minute ago, Brad said:

Damn, most people chuck those in the dishwasher 😁

Love that tip on the speaker though. Never knew that!


I was going to put it in the dish washer but man I don't want any headaches when it rusts or something😂


Re the battery...Alice In Wonderland Thank You GIF



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  • 4 weeks later...

Been a bit busy but I have completed the suitcase power supply.




You probably wouldn't want a kick from these! Ha ha.




Replacing the four diodes on top:







All sorted! 




Now for the linear supply 🤙


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