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How to Enable Push Notification for IOS and Android.

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I know I said I wouldn't spoon feed but I just worked this out for myself and it works great so I'm sharing.

For all the nay sayers who think you need special apps to get push notifications on your mobile with ISP4 you don't.

I'm doing this from desktop but settings are the same for a tablet or mobile device.

1. Make sure you are logged into AA via your phones browser. I recommend saving AA to your home screen. Instructions from the old thread are still relevant HERE



Click on the little Bell Icon and select Notification Settings



Make sure to set up your notifications how you like and go through each setting CAREFULLY.  If you want push notifications you must have Notification List + Push ticked.

By default Automatically follow new content you post and I reply to are unticked by default. If you wish to automatically follow any topic you post in or create make sure those are ticked.



Scroll down and make sure to click Push Enabled in this browser. You should then be asked to confirm.



Make sure to click on Follow for any Topic or Section of the site you wish to get notifications from. You can also follow users so you'll be notified when they post!

Too easy.

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26 minutes ago, Arcade King said:

Yes this was discussed in another thread. Can't be done due to Apple policy unfortunately.

Yes, just been reading through. 

Thanks Trav. 

Site is looking good so far. I’ll keep playing. 

At least I didn’t have to re sign in this time. Last 3 times I had to over the last 40mins, even with the home screen save  

Now to explore  


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Big News Push Notification for IOS is finally here.



Can people using Apple devices confirm its working? You need iOS and iPadOS 16.4 beta 1 installed apparently.

Also you're notification settings are set up under Settings.


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9 minutes ago, Cooked71 said:

My notification options still sais “not supported in this browser” on IOS 16.4.1.

You need to set the site as a Home Screen app. See the second link Trav posted.

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Finally upgraded from an iPhone 6s to an 11. 
Did updates today from 16.3.1 to the latest 16.4.1. 
So once I start posting up in my threads again I will check it out. 

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