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Camera advice (Price Check)

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Hi Camera buffs. Mrs Furbs is selling her camera (replaced a few years ago with a shiny new Canon) and I need an idea of a fair price for the kit.

She owned it from new and it has been well taken care of, all the boxes and manuals are included.


Included are the following (all in the box)...

1) Sony Alpha 33 body (SLT)

2) Genuine Sony general purpose lens 18-55

3) Tamron Macro lens 90mm F2.8 (also suit Minolta)

4) Genuine Sony telephoto lens 75-300

5) 2 batteries, charger and cable release

6) Generic bag, instruction manual and polarizing filter

7) 3x UV filters.


Photos attached.


So what is it worth? Thanks if you can help.


20210727_145448.thumb.jpg.c85b89af812d56f1e399a828a9ffa1dc.jpg 20210727_145510.thumb.jpg.62ba13f2247c5efda3fc05d5b4293cea.jpg 20210727_145722.thumb.jpg.dd24fcb0fa0fe72acbfae3d5ad6c2fa7.jpg 20210727_145844.thumb.jpg.b9bd5617f104e797ae93c8eca1ee9ab5.jpg 20210727_145855.thumb.jpg.22068f50dd97e30b3420352968fdf771.jpg 20210727_145928.thumb.jpg.757b3cdb68d79de86d4a41f7b81fdc0a.jpg 20210727_150010.thumb.jpg.233c53061698ea3800486b79f1aab831.jpg 20210727_150217.thumb.jpg.173b1d50ce6509a991ceaf529f95e0e1.jpg 20210727_150317.thumb.jpg.1f382313d156fccef1198a8c575ac323.jpg 20210727_150409.jpg.245537991cc0278dccdec6dd83bb29ad.jpg

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I sold a Nikon D50 with a similar collection of lenses a couple of years ago for around $500. But as most things you can only get what people are willing to pay at the time. Stick it on fleaBay and see how it goes? May get more if you have a couple of the lenses in separate lots.

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3 hours ago, Gemini2544 said:

My Film Nikon FT2 got $25 so depressing. No idea what a Sony DSLR would fetch. Have a look at Ebay sold auctions in Cameras might help.

Film is def dead in the water, except for art purposes.  Even then the allure of digital manipulation has just about spelled the end for them.

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