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Hi all

I have some spare parts from latest restorations I’ve done available for sale

#1 Stern Sam Shaker Motor $125

#2 Bally SS Polished Lockdown Bar $75 SOLD

#3 Stern powdercoated yellow lockdown bar with Tournament button cutout $50 SOLD

#4 Lethal Weapon 3 Original Manual $15 SOLD

#5 Gold BW Launch Button with led $30

#6 9 shooter rods (5 BW black, 2 BW ball, 2 unknown) $40 the lot SOLD

#7 Bag of approx 60 polished balls (tumbled) $75 SOLD

#8 foam colour dmd spacer for newer stern $10

#9 World Cup Soccer Topper substitute $50 SOLD

#10 Laseriffic Guns n Roses Topper $200

#11 Printed Manuals Baywatch Medieval Madness and Attack From Mars $5 each

#12 Near complete used plastic sets Baywatch, DE Guns n Roses SOLD No Fear, Indy500, $25 each

#13 Guns n Roses light up hinges $40

#14 Metallica Sparky Airball Protectors green and orange $10 each

#15 Corvette engine cover mod $15

#16 Stern Spider-Man brand new slingshot plastics and protectors $30

#17 Terminator 2 Ramp Decals $15

#18 1990’s Standard DMD x 2 $50 each SOLD

#19 1990’s DE or Sega side rails $25 SOLD

#20 Bag of approx 40 flipper buttons $20 SOLD

#21 Game of Thrones Alt Translite $35

#22 Complete Attack From Mars saucer set perfect condition $30 SOLD

#23 brand new LW3 slingshot plastics $15 SOLD

#24 JJP Guns n Roses First release Tilt artblades with Tour Posters on them (since pulled from production) $100

#25 Pinnovators Stern Sam Subwoofer board (Suit AC/DC Metallica) $40

#26 Old Gottlieb 3 bank drop target assembly $30

#27 Stranger Things Shooter Plate $20

#28 Who Dunnit Tony’s Palace plastic $30

#29 Complete Stern shooter rod and plate assembly $40

#30 Stern Spike 2 Green Start button $15

Please let me know the number you want. Postage is additional and I’ll accept PayPal





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