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Future of AA (Please Read)

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Yep, I go to the main site, go to my Message Centre, and that message (mentioned in the e-mail) doesn't exist there!


ahh ok so its probably spitting out a old PM email, maybe something in a old queue from Vbulletin 5. The system is currently rebuilding on the test site it could have something to do with that.

Anything with broken images in like that I would just ignore mate and hopefully it will just sort itself out. I'll be doing a full migration to the new software in the next day or so anyway.

I wonder how many other people had this issue?

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Okay, checked AA on my android moby (firefox, "remember me" logged in) and was automatically redirected to the new platform, where the original tab had the old VB5AA. Then my login wouldn't log me in.


Went to desktop, this is still the VB5 forum loading here. Logged out to see what would happen. Came to old site as guest. Logged in again still VB5. Now here recording what went on. (:


*Sounds like I'll just check back lateron.

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You must have your bookmark set to https://www.aussiearacde.com/forum. Make sure your bookmark is just https://www.aussiarcade.com otherwise you will get directed to the test site.


It was my mistake for installing the new test site under the folder "forum" because it's obviously caused a conflict unfortunately they only allow one test site install per six months so I'd have to pay to change the install folder.



If you look at the url in your browser to this thread you'll understand why it's conflicting




Again always best practice to only bookmark the just main sites domain without any trailing slashes.

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On 7/23/2021 at 2:27 PM, Reefwalker said:


I do like the "down vote" option. As long as it isn't anonymous. The Pinside upvote/downvote system seems to work pretty well as the vote transparency is there.



Xenforo password din't work


I just noticed this post and thought I'd let you know I've implemented the up and down vote system into all technical area's of the site where people ask questions.

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