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by: @djsheep


I finally grabbed a set of Forgotten Worlds spinners from Axunworks outta China. When I went to purchase, I noticed there were two options, a standalone spinner and one mounted on top of a genuine OBSF-30 Sanwa button. I couldn't really make up my mind so I requested a special order with one of each. Axun obliged and I patiently waited. My package came extremely well packed and in a timely fashion after dispatch, as always with Axunworks products.



The Axunworks Forgotten Worlds Spinners in a nice Custom Baggie


First impressions, the build quality is very on point, a heavy duty wrapped cable which feels extremely sturdy and tough. The spinners were surprisingly heavy. I actually thought they were plastic from the photos on the website but they're a nice metal with a matte finish and some substantial weight to them. They feel really nice in the hands and are of premium quality.


I am testing these with the aje_fr v3 CPS-1 Multi. There's no doubt these spinners work with original hardware as well as the forthcoming Darksoft CPS-1 Multi. I will outline the setup process below.


First thing I did was detach the two individual JST connectors holding the spinners from the main cable and put them aside. After connecting the main cable to the CPS-1 stack at the 16-pin JST header I routed the cable up to my control panel.



Spinners connected to the ajr_fr CPS-1 Multi via the standard CPS-1 16-pin header



JST connector ends to connect the P1 + P2 Spinners



The two individual Spinners disconneced from main harness.


At the control panel, I removed Button 1 from both P1 and P2 sides. Next I connected the spinner for Player 1 to B1. It's standard push plug that mounts nice and snug. Being that this was the spinner with no button and deciding that I would like to use B2 for fire, I simply put the plugs originally on B1 onto B2.



Button mounted onto the panel and connected to the main cable



Player 1, set and done!


Similar process for Player 2, I mounted the spinner on the panel but I just had to connect the two wires from B1 to the button now mounted underneath the spinner. After connecting both spinners to my panel, I re-connected the two JST connectors to the main cable.



Player 2, ready to roll!


With everything setup and my CPS-1 Multi mounted and voltages checked, I loaded up Forgotten Worlds. The aje_fr multi gives you an option to use B5/6 or a "Real Spinner" and I was finally able to try the latter smile.png



Use "Real Spinner", yes please!


Fired up the Astro city, and BOOM! we have action. I gotta say that it feels great to be finally using a spinner/stick combo for this game. I was worried the timing or feel wouldn't be right on the spinner, but it is PERFECT. Feels very easy and enjoyable to play and the incremental movement/spinning of the player is exactly the way you would expect. Very stoked to have this method of play finally.


I like both spinner options for different reasons. I tried using both B4 and B2 for fire using the Spinner without a button. Both options feel great with B2 feeling more natural to me. With this configuration I would use one hand on the stick, index finger on the spinner and middle finger on the button. Using B4, I would have my thumb on the button and use my index finger for the spinner. It's awesome to have choices that are configurable on the fly by simply re-routing the B1 wiring on your panel. The little finger dimple to hold the spinner is comfortable and is easy control with no slip. It's also simple to reposition your finger during gameplay.


The spinner with the button is equally as great too. With this option, I tried using just my index finger pressing down but I couldn't get the hang of it. Then I tried using it like a dial just the original Capcom spinners and it felt great. I can't fault either option really, they both do their job fantastically and you won't be disappointed whichever route you choose. I gotta say I liked using a seperate button ever so slightly more. I felt more in control and managed to get a better run of the game.



Alberto panel looks extra pimped out with Spinners!


FINAL THOUGHTS: For the price, you can't really go wrong. The cable's well built and of a very decent length. The spinners are weighty with a really nice feel and finish. These spinners work, they play Forgotten Worlds perfectly. Axun has once again crafted an affordable, yet high quality product for the niche arcade market. In my option, this is a great choice to be truly "multi ready". It's that little bit extra awesome for the simple fact that it's mountable into any standard control panel or adaptable straight into a custom arcade stick, etc. These spinners come with my highest recommendation, I really can't fault them and once again, the price is right.



Perhaps some customer configurable options:

Perhaps a combo package of 1 of each (button/no button)?

A choice of colours of buttons / plugs to match the customers panel colour scheme?

A choice to have a pair of matching spinner colours?



This is going to bring hours of fun, and breathe new life into an old classic for me!



SPINNERS WITHOUT BUTTONS: https://www.axunworks.com/product-p6...ariant=4500970

SPINNERS WITH BUTTONS: https://www.axunworks.com/product-p6...ariant=4500971

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