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Fortune teller project


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Hey guys I hope everyone is keeping safe during lockdown.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so just thought I would share some pics of this fortune teller I’ve been working on.


It’s based off these animated fortune tellers sold in the US Target and Home Depot back in 2017/2018. I bought this on eBay at that time and it’s been sitting around since.






The prop itself is pretty good but I wanted to put it in a proper cabinet.


So recently I picked up this Top Gun redemption cabinet from Lloyds for $200 which looked like a good candidate to house it.





Stripped the metallic vinyl




and patched up the holes




after that it was just a matter of wiring up the buttons and speaker and slapping on some woodgrain decals to make it look more old school.




I got Carson @ Noodleshirt to create the decals to finish it off.

Couldn’t think of a new name so I went with Zoltar from Big 😅


It works well, here’s a quick video

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Thanks guys for the feedback!


Sell it back on Lloyds for 50x what you paid for it. It’s bound to grab the attention of deep pockets. Great job by the way.


haha that’s not a bad idea! :laugh:

The fortune tellers I've seen on there went for around $2k to $3k from memory. At least this one works lol

but I kinda like it so it’s staying in the collection for now ☠�👌�

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