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WTT - Darksoft CPS2 Multi for CPS3 3rd Strike

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Looking to trade my Darksoft CPS2 Multi for a Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Full Kit.


The original board is Marvel vs Capcom. Had this multi running in my astro for 2 years and it's brought me a lot of joy. Works perfectly, never had any problem running it. I've included some pictures below, if you have any questions then ask away!


I'm located in Victoria on the Mornington Peninsula.


Only looking to trade for 3rd Strike.















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Whilst this is your decision all I can say this third strike is not worth the entire cps2 library ...


Hey there, 3s is my favourite game so to me it's worth it. Also based on the market, the values are comparable. Hopefully there's someone out there that prefers Super Turbo, the Alpha series, Vamp Sav or Marvel more than 3s and is keen to trade!

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You have collectors who insist on original hardware running in its original state. Heck I've come across to collectors who insist on CPS2 games running on a suicide battery over solutions like Infinikey. That alone makes unmodified hardware for a very popular game like Third strike worth it to their eyes.
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21 hours ago, kryptonyte said:

If you have no luck with the trade and would like to sell, I am interested in purchasing CPS2 multi.

Shoot me a message if you are interested.

I'll keep that in mind, cheers 

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