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MGLXLVIII - Game 9 ~ Tapper (closes 8-Aug)

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I also had a 43k score but playing on the ArcadeSD- there is limited time to snap a photo!


That's strange. Seems like you mean the ArcadeSD exits the game promptly to another menu?

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Day 17 of 17 ...

Final Scores ...


Everyone knows Tapper, even the other arcade machines. A star in Wreck It Ralph, this game proved to be just as special in game play and comical music. Quite a few gamers kept trying to improve their score, and it certainly paid off for them. Well played to all bartenders who scored over 74K. These were Prow, Dbh, Blackflag82, SectionZ, Pessimeister, Redelf, Ace1942 and HAL1973... for 2nd place to 9th place respectively. Good stuff.


Big congratulations to Tracey Gleave for winning Game 9, with an outstanding score of 999,975 points. Looking at his score, he could have scored higher, but chose not too. This was Tracey's 2nd all time MGL game win, after his tremendous win on Joust in MGL45.




The last 2 games of MGLXLVIII are in play. Jump Bug for the sprightly, and Sindbad Mystery for the scratch heads. It all adds up to a lot of fun and challenges, as we enter the final stage of this tournament. Play your best and good luck!



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What a battle in the last few hours, this was the most competitive game I've seen in the MGL. Paul was working hard the last 24hrs on keeping the score up-to-date, nice job.


Much like Elevator Action for me I had a lot of games in the 70's and just couldn't break the 80k mark, never saw the space levels either.

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