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Babystar Cocktail Cabinet Shutdown ? Help !

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I recently purchased a non-opperational Cocktail Arcade machine with multiple problems all of which have been repaired, ( Dead CRT monitor, Dead Power supply and Dead Hard Drive )

The machine runs the BabyStar 2xxx in 1 system which I'm pretty happy with until it comes to shut down, I simply can't find instructions on how to properly shut it down.

I don't have that option listed in the "Games Family" list ( i could be looking in the wrong place ) . If anyone has any suggestions it will be greatly appreciated . Thanks in advance

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Ok, I stumbled on this Youtube Video [
] and basically, on the Menu Screen a USB keyboard can be used the give the "BabyStar" the three-finger salute [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete] to Bring up the Operating system shutdown options.
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