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I just noticed on his site he’s closed until 27th July. Out of interest I did a dummy order and it’s $140 US for 3. Seems to get lower the more you order, but still really expensive.
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Ok. I’m going to put my hand up too. I’m keen to order 2 stencil sets if we can get a few people on board and get the postage down. Like Crafty I’m in Adelaide, so that should help reduce the Aus post costs.
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So i went right thru the postage pricing

1x $90

2x $120

3x $140

4x $160

​​​5x $180

Then it stayed at $180 up till x10

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I think we should close it now and get it happening .anyone wanting to order pm me city and number of sets you want to order and which option below .

will have sent to city with most orders and it will be up to that person to send on at purchasers cost .Or can have sent to me and i will on send at cost .

eg wayne rockhampton 1 set option 1

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