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Help to buy a good JAMMA harness

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Hi all, where is a good quality 56 pin JAMMA harness to buy with 6 buttons each for two players? How long do they come in as all the ones I've seen on eBay look to short, I have a picture of my arcade cabinet if it helps but I'm happy to solder more lengths of wire on if needed.



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Umm this might be a silly question but why do you want to swap your harness? I'm not a fan of the electrical tape over zip ties for tidying but if it works I'd just leave it. If your answer to the harness question is "because I want to understand/check/fix" I'd be tempted to pull your exisiting one. Check it with a multimeter, and maybe add quick connectors that will fit the sticks/buttons you want to use. Also the CPS1 hardware typically uses a kick harness independent of the JAMMA harness so just bare that in mind.


Be mindful the typical harnesses on eBay are often not amazing.

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No such thing as a 56 pin jamma harness with 6 buttons per side , the only gameboards that use the 5 and 6 buttons on the 56 pin connector are the chinese multi boards.Any true jamma board will use an add on kick harness.

Like I said in your other thread regarding wire size use 4mm wire for power connections and 2.5mm for everything else.

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