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Dual/Twin stick options for XBOX 360

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ok so for your info What is a Twin Stick Shooter? Twin stick shooters are a genre of game which use two controller sticks. One control dictates the character's movement, the other the direction of shooting.

So I want to play some twinstick games such as assault and Virtual ON, and that is a easy hack as the the right stick is mapped to the face buttons on a gamepad.


the problem is I also want to play other games like alien breed and many many others that use the left and right analogue sticks.

note: I am not needing or wanting analogue sticks they are expensive and not really needed. a standard 8 way stick will work fine.

What I do need it a way to have the xbox see the movement as using the analogue sticks even though it is either 0 or 100%. Just like some arcade sticks have the switch that allows the arcade stick to act as leftstick, dpad or Right stick. but i need to output Left stick and right stick to two separate arcade sticks.


I cant find an easy way to do this Ie a custom PCB that has this feature.

anyone done this before or know how to do it ?



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Pretty sure the analogue inputs require some resistance to work correctly when replaced with switches if I rememeber correctly. The triggers on the controller are variable resistance but so are the A, B, X and Y buttons. This may help you.
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Thanks Autosteve, Yes from what I have found I think my only option is to do an analogue conversion with a common ground PCB, I have an old madcatz controller that should be common ground, so might give that a shot after some soldering practice. and yes as far as my research goes it has confirmed that i will need to remove the analogue sticks and wire up resisters to make it work right as a button input.
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So found this post where someone hacked together a analogue stick from ADAfruit and a standard sanwa arcade stick, I'm planning on doing similar but with those import flight sticks, (has top buttons and triggers) https://amp.reddit.com/r/cade/comments/ds3dxr/analogue_joystick_using_10k_potentiometers/



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ok changed direction again,  just bought one of the first ps1 analoge controllers, the scph-1110 also called a ps1 flightstick. if all works as planned it should work with ps2 convertors for the 360 and the wii (gamecube)





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