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3 X Sand Pictures- Exotic Sands $50 each

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3 sand pictures by Exotic Sands. One blue, one orange and a large turquoise one. Approximately one year old.


These are wooden and glass frames containing water and coloured sand. Flip the frame and the sand slowly filters to the bottom, creating a different image every time. Videos here: https://exoticsands.com/pages/main-video


$50 each, located Sydney CBD, cash on pick up only. Due to fragility I do not want to sent these through the post.


DSCN0840.thumb.JPG.890814ef8bdaffea35da36ead13ff9c3.JPG DSCN0843.thumb.JPG.63e2dc706de8850f1c9e2bab1358fb89.JPG DSCN0846.thumb.JPG.4eb0489f3e53462314d287778f41746a.JPG





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I will take the orange & large turquoise ones.


Just have to figure out how to get them up the highway a bit. PM sent


Too hard to get them out of lockdown area without postage. So will have to pass for now.


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