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Now, here is a real blast from the past! "DNIEPER RIVER LINE", a strategy game published by Microcomputer Games (a division of The Avalon Hill Game Company) for IBM PC.

The game was designed by Bruce A. Ketchledge for TRS-80. It was released on that platform as well as other US computers in 1982. It was ported and released for IBM PC in 1983 (this is a fact taken from Avalon Hill 1983 catalog).

The oversized box looks to be a standard sturdy box that Avalon Hill used for board games. Inside included:

  • Full color 8" x 11" mapboard (hard board backing)
  • 240 5/8" illustrated counters (I counted at least 300 counters, so not sure what's wrong there)
  • Instruction Booklet
  • 5.25" Floppy disk
  • Loading instruction (nothing related to IBM PC though)
  • Registration Card from a local distributor (Mordialloc based - I wonder where they are?)

Also included in the box what appears to be the printout of the whole game source (this game is written in BASIC), not shown in the photo. Also there are rims of paper with printouts of map, apparently you could take a printout from the game.


So you basically play the game on the board included, placing counters and moving them (as in a normal board game). The difference is that you play for Germans and your computer plays for Russians. You enter your moves (and answer questions) and the PC tells you what's happening and what movements and attacks of the opposing side you can see. The game is text only. You have to load DOS and then BasicA, and run the game from it.


Please note there is no guarantee this floppy would work. As it is nearly 40 years old now, you have to adjust your expectations accordingly.


This is definitely the oldest PC game I have seen in Australia myself.


This game will set you back $60 firm. Postage is extra, unless you want to pick up from VIC 3198.



drl-2.thumb.JPG.2c4e65a3e4487e3e312681a88c332cb7.JPG drl-3.thumb.JPG.5ce07c4a53b6bda1e026519707704e8c.JPG drl-4.thumb.JPG.4a5a731d3ecd84126c98dbd124058298.JPG




PM me if interested

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