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House of Horrors


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I have my name down with my local Stern dealer for next year's run of Elvira House of Horrors.

They didn't make Pro models, so premium only.


But at $21k... I am a newbie to this hobby, so what am I missing?


I'm not looking to thread shi t here, just looking to understand the market.

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If you’re patient you will save yourself some money. Otherwise you can pay a premium price and have straight away. That’s basically the difference.


I'm guessing he's not on planning to die anytime soon so I'd wait and that's what I did with my jp. I could have paid $600 more for used, no warranty, shipping and less options . I waited 6 months instead and am still on this planet........ Just 😂

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Specially when you consider he offered it to me twice now in a private message for 20 grand…Someone is being got at here…:laugh:

Glad it won’t be me…but GLWS…


Maybe read the add.. OBO..

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