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MGLXLVIII - Game 8 ~ Amidar STERN (closes 1-Aug)

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Day 17 of 17 ...


Final Scores ...




STERN used the KONAMI board and made it harder for the US market, to increase revenue and reduce the average game time. All the strange characters and tasks in this game make it very different to the Pac-man craze and your standard shoot'em up games. Despite the increased difficulty, 10 gamers managed to score over 90K, well played. Swaggers nominated this game and played extremely well with 163,480 points for 3rd place, and Dbh took out a very fine 2nd place, with 236,380 points.


Congratulations to Patrick Stanley for winning Game 8, with a top score of 307,250 points. The only player to score over 300K, he collected the many bananas and outsmarted the AI opposition with clever play.




The last 3 games of MGLXLVIII are in play. How this ends is up to you. Good gaming and good luck to all competitors.



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