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New product announcment: RaspberryJAMMA mini - high res only RPi - JAMMA adaptor.


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Figured I'd announce the RaspberryJAMMA mini here in the arcade section as I don't think there's much traffic in the RaspberryJAMMA section. I hope no-one minds.


6 buttons on JAMMA, amplified mono sound. DAC for VGA output optional. Hard gold plated for edge connector longevity. All through hole parts for long term serviceability. High quality PCB, made in Australia.


Now available directly from me, price $80 without DAC (suits HDMI or DVI use, audio must be re-routed in the ARpiCADE software to output from RPi analog output for JAMMA audio), $100 including DAC (VGA video and possibly better quality audio, audio output of DAC may just be louder than RPi analog output rather than higher quality but seems to sound better to me).


Post is $14 anywhere in Australia via Express post.


Please note: the RaspberryJAMMA mini does not support the RaspberryJAMMA Four Player Adaptor.


raspberryjamma.com / arpicade.com


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