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GameRoom Essentials Pinball League

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Pinball League is starting at GameRoom Essentials in August.


Dates: August 11th, 18th, 25th - September 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th - October 13th, 20th, 27th


This will be the GameRoom Essentials Pinball Club evolving into a League.


Held 7-10pm, this is the perfect time to practice and learn game rules with other pinball club members.


A 2 hour Flip Frenzy from 8-10pm gets players head-to-head which is also IFPA registered as a league.


Entry per meet is $30 or $25 for pinball club members.


Sign up as a Club Member ($20 per year) and get $5 off per visit!


Format: Flip Frenzy

Seeding: Random

Scoring System: 90% decay (100/90/81/73)

Dropped: Worst Result Dropped From Series

Arena Draws: Random

Duration: 2 Hours

Tiebreaker: Most Wins then Head-to-Head Single Game

Event: League

Max Number Of Players: 32

Estimated Number Of Players: 24

Estimated Number Of Games: 16 x 10 meets

Unlimited Qualifying: No


Your worst result will be dropped from the scoring. This will allow one night absenteeism without affecting your ranking.


A plaque showing top 3 places each week will be on display, also Trophies and prizes will be awarded for the final results with the top 3 winners updated on the plaque.


Open to any suggestions prior to the start of the season.


The following season will start fresh with 10 meets in November, December and January.

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Pinball Club is on tonight 7-10pm. $30 entry for 3 hours unlimited pinball and we will be running a flip frenzy from 8-10pm.


The IFPA have listed the Monthly Group Match Play online https://www.ifpapinball.com/tourname...ew.php?t=42880

Also the Weekly Pinball League has been listed too https://www.ifpapinball.com/tourname...ew.php?t=43004


All the scoring will be on Match Play Events Live https://matchplay.events/live/locations/ChIJ6aK4MC2ysGoR1E4vfwz5EDA


Also we will have 4 cameras streaming everything live (details and links soon)


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Pinball Club will NOT be running tonight as South Australia is in lock down.


We are hoping that the lockdown will only be 7 days and we will have pinball club running next week.


With only 1 more pinball club before we go into a pinball league (if next week goes ahead) there are only 2 contenders who can win the 3 hour private party at GameRoom Essentials.


Below are the points earned by pinball club visitors so far:-

25 Gary Regan

25 Scottie Taylor

20 Danny Daly

15 Mark Leske

14 Jeffrey Riley

12 Lyndon Carter

12 Kimberley Daly

10 Amity Wells

9 Michelle Daly

8 Andrew MacKinnon

7 Luke Yates

7 Shannon Donaldson

6 Jeeves Dunn

6 Matthew Owen

6 Jamie Paltridge

5 Tom Casey

5 Ronald Opitz

4 Emma Veen

4 Peter Colangelo

3 Bianca Daly

3 David Clark AUS

2 Michael Costalos

2 Bryn Phillips

2 Tammy Swain

2 Stephen Vari

2 Ethan Machin

2 Hank Hough-Hobbs

2 Patrick Hewitt

1 Caleb Seiboth

1 Cesar Federici

1 Darren Bonnett

1 Eli Coventry

1 Jan Saurbrey

1 Janelle McLean

1 John Pettinger

1 Laline Vandersleys

1 Parker Thomas

1 Petra Saurbrey

1 Steven De Rijk

1 Tamara Coad

1 Tristan McCann

1 Freg Gagliardi


With a max of 5 points earned for 1st place, it's going to be a battle between Scottie and Gary. Whoever is above the other on the next flip frenzy will win.

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