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VPGL 18 - Game 9 ~ Getaway Closed

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Hey All, My vpin (and real pin) haven't been getting much love lately, but I thought I should have a crack at Getaway as I have a soft spot for it.


Very rusty but it will do.






Posting scores was allot easier with TapTalk (it handled the images), does anyone have an easier process that the usual forum hosted images?

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We the misses has blitz a game and flogged me Mrs Moz 438,463,170


and she is shore letting me know how good her score is ..

I’ll be pissed if she bets me in the final comp tally may just have to ban her from using MY machine 😭😂😩🤣

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Thought I would give this another bash, after a couple of average games I finally got my eye in. Apparently a new GC for me, I was sure I had clocked it before.


As repetitive as this game is I really do enjoy it, I think it is just the theme and the light show.







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Game 9 is now closed.


We have had a cameo appearance from Wob in this one and he has taken the final win of the competition. AxedBandit another late comer in the competition lands on the 2nd step of the podium and we see kane finish in 3rd place. Mrs Moz managed to leave mozzie1 in her dust this time.... where will that leave them overall?



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