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New pin day


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Picked up the filthiest Demolition Man I have ever seen in Saturday. I don't believe it's ever been cleaned.


The playfield was caked in dirt. Balls wouldn't return until ball search kicked in. The slingshot rubber at the back was disintegrated.


The handles are covered in oxidisation and the cryo claw doesn't currently work.


It's also blowing one the DMD controller board fuses.


Thankfully the batteries were removed just in time. Just a little bit of green on the battery holder contacts but no damage.


But it actually plays a game and has good audio.


So it's on its way to being nice again. Being a diamond coast coat playfield it's actually still pretty nice under the crud.


I've started stripping down the playfield. Obviously all rubbers and sleeves will be replaced. Flippers will be rebuilt. The tumbler is already going with heaps of little pieces. Wireforms are having a bath in oxalic acid.


I'm hoping the cryo claw is dirty opto related.


The DMD controller board has some fried components so will be undergoing a high voltage rebuild. other than that the boards are really clean which is great.


The rails, legs, hinges, lockdown bar, coin door and handles will all be getting black powdercoat.


After that it should come up very nicely.








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Make sure you put the H-6 obsanity chip set in. So funny.


I've got young kids so unless I can turn it off when they're playing I'll be giving that a miss for now

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So I've stripped down the upper playfield and cleaned all of the filth off. It looks pretty good now. I also removed the backboard from the playfield and repainted it.


The parts will go to the powdercoater in the next few days. Kurt @KJS is going to do new ramp flaps for me and then the parts will all be going back on. The flippers and pops will be rebuilt. It should play nicely.





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I've got young kids so unless I can turn it off when they're playing I'll be giving that a miss for now


You can 100% turn off the profanity. Also the sound chips have better call outs and the sound output is superior to the factory ROMs. It is strictly FREEPLAY so your coin mechs wont register.

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So the pin has had a big clean. Flippers and pops rebuilt. New leaf switches, rubbers and sleeves. LEDs installed. Cabinet wiring harness had a wash. Wireforms came up nicely.


The lower playfield and backbox is all hooked up again. Some of the upper playfield parts back on.


br4 might need to be replaced as all the flashers are out and the cryo claw has the out of range error.


I'll rivet the remaining ramp flaps and install the rest of the upper playfield parts in the next couple of days. Then I just have to wait for the powder coater to finish the parts and install them.



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So the ramps have now been installed. Massive thanks to Kurt @KJS for all his help with parts as well as making the ramp flaps for me. They fit perfectly and look great.


That spaghetti junction of ramps is a royal pita to install but it's done now.


It looks pretty good but has no shortage of issues. I'll be starting a technical troubleshooting thread once I've got a proper list of issues put together.




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I never ended up doing the troubleshooting thread as @rayscosorted out a number of issues by replacing a couple of bridge rectifiers. He's a good man 👍

I put the handles on and am pretty happy with how the black trim looks. 

I still have to sort out a elevator/crane issue but other than that it's playing nicely





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