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VPGL 18 - Game 6 ~ Seawitch - Closed

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Loaded the beatles game JAR. Plays very different to seawitch. I like the table darker to see the ball (reduced light emissions to 1.7) and a bit more bouncy and I'll try it with JPs Arcade physics. Scotty is incredible & love that he took it back to 1964. Also I noticed that Theatre of magic has a lot of playfield sounds allocated to the Backglass. I toggled these to the table and they are all adjustable with mechanical sound volume script line. I can hear the backless music and callouts fine now. That game is an eye popper and so much fun. Cheers mate. I learn so much from this competition. Thanks mate
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Game 6 is closed.


Kane manages to maintain his unbeaten run and makes it 6 from 6 1st places. RusstyT and Crakkers battled it out and with a narrow margin between them took 2nd and 3rd places respectively. legin and mozzie1 also posted impressive scores managing to crack the billion points.





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