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SOLD- Nintendo consoles & games- Will ship interstate

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Switch console (original version, not the Lite) with dock, joycon grip and extra pair of joycons. SL and SR buttons are not working on three of the joycons (most games don't use individual joycons so this is rarely a problem)- $150


Breath Of The Wild for Switch- $25


Wii console, 2 Wii remotes (one standard, one Motion Plus), 5 nunchuks, Williams Pinball Classics, Gottlieb Pinball Classics, Twilight Princess, Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, Wii Sports- $60 for the lot


NES Classic Mini, complete, with extra controller- $50


SNES Classic Mini, complete- $50


Switch games: Mario Maker 2, Mario Kart 8- $25 each


3DS games: Ocarina Of Time, Ultimate NES Remix- $15 each


DS Lite with charger, 6 DS games- Mario Kart DS, WarioWare Do It Yourself, Jam Sessions, Mechanic Master 2, More Brain Training, Boulder Dash Rocks; and Moto GP GBA game compatible with DS- $30 for the lot


Game Cube games: Sonic Mega Collection, Wind Waker, Simpsons Hit & Run- $25 each, $60 for all three.


Game Cube controller & data card- $10 for both


N64 game: Turok 2- $10


N64 games: Operation Winback, Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding- $10 each





Collection of 18 NES games, one controller, NES light gun: Guardian Legend, Castlevania, Lolo 1, 2 & 3, SMB/Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Puzznic (2 copies for some reason), Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf, Ninja Turtles, Hook, Krusty’s Funhouse, Solstice, Dragon’s Lair, Faxanadu- $180. All games tested and start. Zelda games have battery issues (don’t always save games). Light gun has not been tested as it requires CRT TV. SOLD


Original NES- console only, no games, controllers or A/C cable. Works, but temperamental- $20 SOLD


Oracle Of Ages & Oracle Of Seasons (Game Boy Color, also work on GBA)- $40 each, $70 for both. Free GBA (pretty ordinary condition) if you need something to play them on.SOLD


2DS with charger- $40 SOLD



Located Sydney CBD. Will ship interstate.






















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Sent you a pm?! Are you not replying to it?? Shows you’ve been on at 5:30ish today and 7 minutes ago?


Keen for the GC games as stated.


Sorry, I've been working online with AA open in another tab.


Right now I'm looking for cash on pickup.

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      LAI cocktail wired for jamma.
      the monitor is nice and bright with no burn in.
      cabinet laminate is peeling off in places but otherwise solid cabinet. 
      had some fun with it over the lockdown but need to make space in the garage. 
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