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LAI Defender Restoration

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I picked this up recently and have started work on it this week, the game is not running, monitor looks like it needs attention and the chipboard has been waterlogged and needs to be replaced.

On the upside, the ashtray still works perfectly...


The original power supply has been gone over and is tested and working fine.




I've removed the PCB mounting plate with the four boards mounted on it and have it on the test bench.




I had to combine and invert the Sync so I could run it on the test bench monitor.




This afternoon I set about making a template to replace the side panels.

Basically I clamped a piece of board to the side.




Marked it out.




Then cut and sanded it to shape.




I'm undecided at this stage whether or not to do side art like the US cabs or keep it completely original with the plain black sides.

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Yep it was quite common in the early days, if the manufacturer had been in pinball (Williams, Taito etc) where it was common to keep the board designs very modular. Unfortunately it adds in hundreds of failures points (all those ribbon cable contacts) and makes these boards a pita to repair to the point of being reliable.


Great cab restore project!!!

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Yep, very similar to a Taito Defender board set. Try getting all that in a Taito table although I seen to remember a table needed another board as well to invert. We did originally use them but swapped for a cheaper, much smaller, (pirate I suspect) Defence Command board for the tables and went on to use them in uprights as well.


Couple of reasons.....

They were just one dip switch to change upright to table or back.

The whole game and its functions were all on one board.

They seemed to be more reliable and apart from the Defence Command on the title screen instead of Defender, you the player couldn't pick the difference.


That ashtray by the way is a Taito part. We through heaps out when it just didn't seem right fitting videos with ashtrays any longer.


I have a couple laying around here somewhere.


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