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VPGL 18 - Game 1 ~ Lariat - Closed

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233,120........ must've been about a dozen balls in this game.



I know the feeling of having 2 lariats loaded and the last ball draining Crakkers. With a free ball at 40, 70, 140, 170, etc and there is always the option of free balls with the lariats there is an incentive to be patient in this game. It is quirky, I like the side bumpers because the ball doesn't drain easily. It's a is great choice of EM tables. Id love to take the number1 spot in this game . Gotta dream mate:lolAnyway who cares its fun and even better now I can hear the ball rolling around with the 3 bell chimes. It's the pinball I grew up with. I've put a link to the Table with the roll balling mod below for all to enjoy if they wish. (Download both Lariat files. One has B2S and the other VPX).

cheers mate unleash the lariats



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Game 1 comes to a close.


Congratulations to Kane for a massive score leaving everyone else well behind and taking 1st place. RusstyT in 2nd position and JoeSoap in 3rd. Crakkers managed a 4th place with a small margin over legin. Very close scores from there on... except for skids who through a score in just to make sure he stays in touch with the rest of the competition.




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