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Im thinking of buying a olympic amusements Wild Card gaming machine.

The machine runs but has call attendant on the screen. I dont know anything about the machines, only that they were great to play years ago.

Any advice would be great.


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be aware that if you find a working Olympic Wild Card for example. It's pretty much a time bomb, as you won't get it working again once it stops..


^^ listen to uncle rod..

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Hey, I'm looking for a manual for the Olympic Amusements Wild Card machine. ATM the machine is squeaking from the backroom alarm and no picture is coming on? I'm a noobie at this. Any help or advice will be appreciated! Thanks in advance
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I had one of these in a cocktail cab in the late 80's... it was stolen from me. I've been looking for another one for a long time .. if anyone has one or knows of one that needs a new home please pm me.
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