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Houseball #4 2021 Dave and Sandys Place 29th May Jamboree Heights

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Houseball #4 2021 Dave and Sandys Place 29th May Jamboree Heights


Comp details.

4 hours of qualifying with a 2 p.m start. Finals to be held after dinner which will be at 6pm but if qualifying can be done sooner it will be earlier. Please get your comp games finished ASAP so you have plenty of time to socialise afterwards.

Score sheets will be on each machine with attendees names on them. If you name isnt please write it down.



There will still be an 'A' and 'B' Division as per 2019 with equal prizes in both.

You play 6 games on the nominated machines with your best 5 results going towards your final standing.

The top 4 placed players will go through to the 'A' division finals . The highest 4 from the second half of the field will go into the 'B' division finals.

Finals will be on 3 randomly chosen machines with the 7,5,3,1 format of awarding points. Single round and the person with the most points wins. Tiebreakers are TBA.


House rules.

Please remember that Houseball is a social event, we are not playing for sheep stations. Please show the hosts and their machines the utmost respect as without them this event ceases to be a thing.

Please remove all rings/bracelets when playing.

You will be asked to leave if you are found abusing machines/other players.

Smokers please ensure you leave no butts around the place. The host should be able to tell you where it is ok to smoke.

As usual 30 will be the limit unless advised.

And lastly, a bit of friendly banter is encouraged.


** Please note ** People will be asked to maintain social distancing and i will endeavour to provide hand sanitiser. If you have a small personal bottle of hand sanitiser it would be great to bring along with you on the day.


** If you have any cold/flu symptoms , please don't attend **



Food and costs.

$10 covers food per person.

$5 to cover the hosts expenses.

$5 into the prize pool.

Total $20 for the event.


1 @zanderzone

2 @Sandyzone

3 @rusty_dagger

4 @Cranky Dave

5 @raysco

6 @Dicky

7 @Andyj965

8 @namastepat

9 @JoeSoap

10 @DAG

11 @dr teeth

12 @roland rat

13 Will

14 @Nicolas Noben

15 @Silver Surfer er

16 @madal

17 @Tonjo

18 @SilverBalljunky

19 @Markc840

20 @Saber

21 @ncb74

22 @FireFly

23 Gordon

24 Dayv

25 Nigel

26 @Piercy05

27 @DanTheMan

28 Scotty Piper



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