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Daytona USA Online?

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So I’m a little bit of a nerd but nothing too heavy I can do an intermediate level of network config but no code or anything too outside the realms of setup. My question is it possible to use media converters to point Daytona USA to someone else’s Daytona and play over the internet? It probably has to be done in the media converter software so they point at each other with static ip’s and probably a ddns setup of some description as people rarely have static home ip’s.


So my question is can it be done for those more network and arcade savvy than myself? I’m guessing it can. How does Daytona search for other machines. I know you link them tx to rx until you reach the last one and then loop all the way back to the first.


it’d be pretty awesome if it could be done. I can’t see why not

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I gave this a crack and couldn't get it to work. There are a couple of challenges with this, but the main one is that Daytona uses a token ring network that doesn't play ball with devices using modern tcp/ip networks.


If someone can emulate a token ring network over tcp then you may have a chance but I suspect ping times will be an issue.

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