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New Net City and a good experience with Zax Amusements


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Hi to all you lovelies in the Aussie arcade community,


Recently got a New Net city from Zax amusments and just wanted to share the experience. Had my eye on one of these for quite awhile wanting a cabinet specifically for Naomi and some of my older jamma PCB's with the Irken labs jammifier. After a quick google I saw Zax amusemnts had a few so the wife and I saved for around a month and we secured one. With a lot of research in previous months I knew exactly what I wanted with the cabinet and was persistent with Zax that I wanted something in a used reasonable condition.


I rang Zax to give them a heads up I was about to pay and after the transaction had gone through Phil from Zax confirmed all my details. About an hour later Zak contacted me and we went through what I wanted the cabinet for and I explained in detail exactly what I wanted


-A cabinet in resonable condition with hopefully not too much rust in any spots (like many candy cabs i understood there was probably a little under the CP inlay area from sweaty palms and the drinks sitting there and the like)

-Inside bottom of cabinet to be somewhat neat and tidy and at least vacuumed/wiped out

-AC wiring to be up to Australian standards and the JVS wiring to all be 100% working & everything not coated in heavy dust I/O board/stereo amp power supply/speakers etc etc

-Monitor that was decent with hopefully minimal burn and if it could be checked before delivery with a test pattern to check its geometry/condition.


Other than respraying the bezel and CP pretty much something I could get inside, do some minimal cosmetic cleaning and get to enjoying it rather than a two week overhaul/cleaning mission, at the end of the day the cabinet would be on show in our living room so I wanted it to be nicely presented.


I totally understood that I wasnt going to get a cabinet like the day it was made, Zak said he would do his best to get me a nice one. I talked to Zak a few more times before the cabinet was delivered, I was contacted back in a timely fashion within a few hours after calling and Zak told me he wasn't content with the Toshiba PF that was in there and that they had put a fresher one in instead, I was happy to hear that and happy that my requests were taken on board and the cabinet was thourougly inspected rather than just picked and delivered.


Happy to say I got what I asked for


Delivery took around 2.5 weeks after purchase taking into account the cabinet was inspected and the sent to a courier which then was about a weeks wait until they could deliver waiting on a full load to around my general area. (The cabinet came from Vic to southern NSW so delivery timing wise this was understandable)


The day of delivery

Was pretty impressed already at this point it didn't look too bad at all. Pulled the bezel off and wife and I pulled the monitor and we got everything inside the following day.





Initial inspection

Very clean inside the bottom here I was impressed, all stickers inside/outside intact and all screws/bolts/wiring straps in the cabinet intact and nothing missing, cabinet came with its original manual and topper. Even a fresh test and tag. Little thing like the power cord being looped nicely and put in the coin box for transport was a nice touch.


image_166119.jpg.f58a97e1c63bfc8aefcf36fcfa8f7334.jpg IMG_1998.jpg.51c0618dc3e9d7d727c74f4d8995c3b9.jpgIMG_2031.jpg.401dc22102441949ca4216e4b76f4dd8.jpgIMG_2001.jpg.bb406635f5d31eb7ec51dc2f8bf9ee07.jpgIMG_2127.jpg.84994486cc31ec9dede58c7a5fdf2a3c.jpg


Chassis and monitor

Having the CRT inside the previous night I deep cleaned it (took monitor frame off wiped it all down, put new dielectric grease ect etc). The chassis was very clean it pretty much looked like it was new old stock SCREEN and FOCUS silicone was still intact, chassis will go to Jomac either way just for my peace of mind. In my haste I misplaced the screws that secure the chassis PCB to its frame/holder so its in there with cable ties just for now. Following day wife and I hauled the cabinet inside, popped one of those remote boards in that give you access to the extended OSD menu's and it was pretty much ready to fire up.






Few days later resprayed CP and Bezel everything back together some naomi & 15khz with the irken labs.




Overall a really good experience with Zax Amusements I appreciated there was attention to detail, for what I paid including delivery (just shy of $2k) and the condition everything arrived in I consider myself pretty lucky to have this awesome piece of Japanese arcade hardware. Still figuring out the living room layout but looks good so far alongside my New Astro city ( big restoration post to come within a few weeks that I'd love to share).




Bit of a drawn out post but thanks very much everyone for looking and reading my experience.


Tom,Bec & Baby Samuel


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Great write up very detailed, I contacted Zax yesterday for a candy cab still waiting for them to call me back. Hope they will soon.


Thanks Diehard, wanted to convey exactly what I got mate. I know these NNC's they had were the last ones in stock when I fortunately grabbed mine, apparently had a few of them that all went within a few weeks of each other. Really hoping you get something your looking for mate even if it takes a little while.

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I tried to buy a NNC from them but they ghosted me and then the cab was no longer on their site :(


Spewing for you Caesar, when I paid for the above I was informed two had already been sold that same day (around the 11th march). I'd say I got the last one.

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Spewing for you Caesar, when I paid for the above I was informed two had already been sold that same day (around the 11th march). I'd say I got the last one.


all good.. partly my fault for waiting so long (I reached out on the 12th lol), they had it up for ages. I was always concerd about having burn in. I've got Naomi Universal, but I really want to upgrade it for the monitor.

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That's actually a pretty solid deal for retail priced candy. Especially as the New Net City cabs have tri sync auto switching monitors.


Hey Pat, I was happy to pay that amount for it too mate, considering I was informed during the process that the Toshiba PF that was in it got swapped with a fresher one I was real happy. On first power up with MVSC2 my eyes nearly popped out of my head it was so crisp and vibrant, brightness and contrast weren't pumped too high and the flyback still had the silicone on it so seemed like it had never been driven up too much.



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