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Willy Wonka kid Multiball rules


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Asking this question as I can find an exact explanation within rule sheets posted.


I note when Kid Multiball starts that some of the kids have a multiplier etc 2 x 3 x 4 x in front of their jackpot amount, however I cant determine the method of play which causes you to build up this multiplier. Anyone know for certain?

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When playing Kid Multi, the jackpot shots of Kids that were not brought into the Multiball will not be available to shoot for a Jackpot. While each qualified Kid adds a ball to the Multiball, each completed Kid increases the Jackpot multiplier by 1 for all completed Kid Jackpot shots, and also multiplies the Double and Super Jackpot shots. For example, if you bring Veruca and Mike into Kid Multi both completed and Charlie just collected but not completed: The Veruca and Mike Jackpot shots will be scored at 3x (+2 for the 2 completed Kids) and Charlie’s Jackpot shot will be at the standard 1x. The Double and Super Jackpot shots will also be scored at 3x. The center camera ramp will always be lit for a Double Jackpot regardless of how many Kids were brought into the Multiball. Collecting 5 Jackpots will light the Super Jackpot (a grand and glorious jackpot!) at the left lane. Collecting all 7 possible Jackpots during this Multiball will award the Golden Ticket for Kid Multiball. Five jackpots for the Kids, one Double Jackpot at the center camera ramp, and one Super. These only need to be achieved once over multiple Kid Multiball attempts. The instant info page can be referenced to see which jackpots have been finished, and which are still needed.


Full rulesheet here




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