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Very Sad Meteor, will one day be very happy Meteor

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3 hours ago, Rich said:

sorry @Autosteve, sort which problem out specifically?

all the drop target letters and numbers being seen correctly is coming as per post.....can't find post numbers? anyway i mentioned the problem hopefully being rectified by a modification to come, waiting on stainless steel. Post posted Wednesday 6:45pm, mentioned in between pics, easily overlooked. "But it can be rectified, it's in the process, more to come."


Thanks for clarifying that. I wasn't sure if the problem was the stickers, the targets or the target bank itself.

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  • 3 weeks later...

a small update.

matte black alone marks real easy so a trial coat of clear on the rear of the backbox

gives it a deeper black look, sort of satin, and protection.



the trim that holds the backglass in at the top was missing also, so a close match was put in after @thegrunta666 trimmed it to the correct depth/width.


some sanding to remove the oil splash from the nail gun, filling and more sanding then some more paint.


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So Rich is doing awesome work on the Meteor ! So we needed to try and get Stern Coin Door Slot parts. So I finally decided it was time to start playing with a 3D printer ! So I bought a printer, watched a lot of Youtube Tutorials and produced a fairly good replacement part ...Its amazing how such a small part of the pin, can take such an effort to create ! 

Design the 3d part, then design the clear polycarb insert to go in it ( this is done in AutoCad) But once the hard yards are done, then I can replicate easy enough. Also lessons learnt with the 3D printer is now allowed me to make the Light Shrouds for the back Box.  I also figured out that when it comes to complex 3D stuff, I will get @swinks to do that for me !


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