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Gaming PC - Windows 10, 4GB Nvidia 970 GTX, Intel i5 4690 - now $400

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Gaming PC for sale, good for 1080p gaming on high graphical settings for most games. Also a good entry level PC for Virtual Reality.




GPU: 4GB Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 970 GTX - this gives performance on a rough equivalent to a Nvidia 1060, see comparisons online. Fantastic card! HDMI, DVI, Display port

CPU: Intel i5 4690

Ram: Gskill Ripjaws PC2133 8GB DDR3

Motherboard: Asus H97 Gamer Pro

System Drive: 256GB Kingston SSD

Coolermaster Thunder 600 watt PSU

Windows 10 Pro

Case: Corsair, multiple fans and vented windows for excellent cooling. 4x USB3 rear, 2xUSB2 rear, 2x USB3 front.


Windows has been reset to stock and updated to latest, Graphics driver updated to latest.


See pics from 'Speccy' showing running system temps all nominal. NB: specs show a secondary 2TB HDD drive, this is not included.


Is in excellent order, very clean - i built the PC into the new case only about 12 months ago.


$400 plus postage, contact for postage quote. Can deliver to South Coast NSW and Canberra/surrounds. Pickup OK too (Narooma area, South Coast NSW)









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I've been looking for a good gaming PC. But I'm not good at choosing one, lol. My search history is full of gaming laptops and PCs, and I have no idea what to choose. All I know it's that it has to have a good graphics card, but how do I know it it's good?? I know that you don't necessarily need the most expensive one on the market, but it has to hurt your pocket a little. So, guys, instead of laughing at how I write, please tell me if the one from the thread is good or if something like this would be better. Edited by Brad
Spamming commercial site, editing original instead of replying
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The price is very tempting, but is it worth it?


OK, so now I see why people sometimes don't allow comments on for sale threads :lol

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I've been looking for a good ..search history .. from the thread .. like this <site> .


translation. im a spambot posting "best gaming pc" seo links to a site

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The price is very tempting, but is it worth it?


Cue picture of new owner sitting at the computer with a cheesy grin and Hawaiian shirt on, drinking a cocktail, half pissed.

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