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Fishing drone???

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Mornings guys and girls,


Anyone tried their hand at fishing with a drone? Ive started googling models now and being an absolute drone novice and by that I mean ZERO experience Ill probably go a second hand one, buuuuuut with as many bells and whistles to get bang for buck. Please chime in if you have any ideas as right now and as usual Im drowning in my "paralysis by analysis" Info overload!!!!!



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check out the "recovery" work the ww2 history hunters are doing with the fifish v6 plus its mad.


Thanks Doug. I should have been more specific!!! My bad. I want a drone that will carry out my bait much farther than one can cast If a school is spotted on the surface. A release mechanism will drop the bait from above the water into the boil up below. That and any underwater structure seen where a bail can be dropped into a favourable spot on the edges...

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