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TMNT Premium

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Looking to sell or trade my TMNT Premium.

313 lifetime plays since unboxing

Would ideally like to trade for another Stern Premium title but open to offers.

Based in Victoria.




IMG_8765.thumb.jpg.140a862d79c510a3a478f4f6f4d91391.jpg IMG_8760.thumb.jpg.55fcd1dfe36e6075da6ccf810eba68f8.jpg IMG_8761.thumb.jpg.dc31fb2b6346abc74be8650a4252510e.jpg IMG_8767.thumb.jpg.a4594883ef575a747162a058db905824.jpg





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Hey mate,


Trade wise, would you be interested in a customised Transformers Pro, plus cash your way?

Resto currently in progress, so would be a couple weeks away from ready to ship, but wanted to see if you're interested anyways.



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