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(VIC) U.S MIDWAY NBA Jam T.E/ Maximum Hangtime Arcade

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Hi everyone,

I have had this Dedicated beauty for a little while, purchased from a fellow AA'er

This unit is a rarity in Australia and hard to find and was a holy grail for me for a very long time to have the U.S version.


Once I got it, I completely gutted the whole machine because it wasn't to my standard, If people who have purchased my pinnies in the past they know I love to rebuild.

The Cab has the original side decals from when it was made by Midway and are still in awesome condition for its age.

U.S to Au Transformer included and installed properly

Topper included

The console has new overlay and a protective perpex over the top.

All buttons and controllers are new Happ and are very nice and smooth to use.

All new decals under console.

I sent off the chassis to Jomac as it was supposedly just serviced but clearly not, so that has come back spanky new.

CRT was pulled out and completely cleaned and reinstalled. The CRT has no screen burn!

Lots of inside of the cabinet was restored and resprayed.

All the PCB's were cleaned and inspected PROPERLY.

Both NBA Jam T.E and Maximum Hangtime rom sets were updated by me, T.E has the Mortal Kombat roms, and MHT were updated to the last update in the series

Both games work easliy swapping over the jamma, controllers and buttons

Coin doors were wrinkle finished and new locks installed.

If I have missed anything I will update page!


Now onto some cons!

The unit is obviously old, and the bottom of the machine has some chips from being moved around during its life which is half expected. It has 4 wheels on it now and easy to move or use the original tip wheels on the back.

There is absolutely no rot in the whole cab

I seriously have not had the time to fix these little things (I may still), but will be super easy to do

Also it is missing some t-molding due to being trashed, I have been looking everywhere in Australia for the particular size Midway use with no luck cleanpastedhtml


Asking $5500





Please remember Dedicated O.G Midway cabs are asking very high prices so please don't scoff at the Trade idea please.


Thank you for looking and please don't hesitate to ask any questions. IMG_2518.thumb.jpg.33f7826470d1bd310f74ae41d811128d.jpg IMG_2521.thumb.jpg.b5e6af6157dcc188c4495c7930c47ff3.jpg IMG_2520.thumb.jpg.5a22ef522b262d443022845cf1cd4ea6.jpg IMG_2522.thumb.jpg.f882e1c2527a31bde21308ef3a27fa8c.jpg IMG_2517.thumb.jpg.7f01724b47b0e444863aebe1546c04cf.jpg IMG_2523.thumb.jpg.8353c907cfd2e945f5fa4f682e52557c.jpg IMG_2526.thumb.jpg.58d94aa4357a8951f4269b8053b9f196.jpg IMG_2524.thumb.jpg.6f45318810f1e80f5a64313c0da1297d.jpg IMG_2525.thumb.jpg.0cc88b2b4bbb2e9540e0f6c67eeca1ba.jpg IMG_2527.thumb.jpg.dc698dc3d278b3cfaac4db1da9b9b16c.jpg


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