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So far only two people are doing Pinclash from Aus.


If you have access to AIQ, consider getting onto it mates! Would be nice seeing more than one state getting behind this. You can also open your house for mates to qualify, or borrow a rig, but only the best qualifier per location can make finals.


https://www.pinclashtourney.com has the details. 1 month to qualify.







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Raising a flipper during the start animation doesn't count as a flip.


And stage flips don't count as flips.


Shoot ant mystery 2 times to get multiball, that gives you 2X as long as 2 balls are in play. Then left ramp, right ramp, Hawkguy loop combo for another 2X, and purple shots hurry ups I think are 3X.


Good luck!

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Qualifying is over, with both the aussie entrants qualified in the top 24! me & @chopchop


You can view people's run by clicking their score in the leaderboard here:




The finals is June 13th 4:00 AM QLD time 🤪 and it's a head to head, best of 3, speed run of a random set of challenges with various tiers. Every competitors have to setup their machine exactly the same following strict parameters for both the physics and the software settings.


Brackets for the final:



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Good luck to you Nic and Dr John. 4:00am pinball comp though... hahah no thanks.


hah, I know... definitely a redbull breakfast.


I thought about skipping finals, but these guys are the cream of the crop and I'm not going to just lay down.


We fly across the country for tournaments, so I think I can get up in the middle of the night, stroll down to my garage and give em hell. 😀

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