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MGLXLVII - Game 1 ~ Venture (closes 18-Apr)


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Squandered three lives on the last level 3 room - on this particular run it was the Key room. Kept squashing myself in. Damn corpses... :)


You got a lot of treasures. 3 lives maybe better used next time?

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Isn't it true that everyone loves an ad-venture?


Well here's more from Retrogamer magazine. This article talks about the ground breaker from Exidy ... and here's part 1 ...





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I'm done with this. Finally cleared the second board.






Oh come on torture is good for you, puts hair on that beard of yours :)

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Well looks like Venture is way too hard for everybody. Where are all the scores? :unsure


It's like you have all given up. That's not a good sign for the good guys. Looks like the snakes and all the bad guys win this one ... :tequila:

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