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VPGL 17 - Game 6 ~ Alien Poker - Closed

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​ GAME 6.... And we're dealing it up to the aliens...


VPGL 17 - Game 6 ~ Alien Poker


Nominated by VPGL legend, Crakkers




Alien Poker was released by Williams in 1980 and it is a 4 player Solid State pinball machine.


Design by: Edward Tomaszewski

Art by: Tony Ramunni

Sound by: Paul Dussault

Software by: Paul Dussault

Notes: For several Williams games (especially before 1987), Speech Processing was a separate task than Software Programming and may have been done by a different person than whom we list as having done the Software. Paul Dussault did the Speech Processing for this game.



The VPX file can be downloaded here:



The B2S can be downloaded here:




The ROM can be downloaded here:




Downloads linked are just suggestions, you can play on any VPX version or the table as long as it is the same rule set (IE Pro, LE etc.). You can let us know what version you are playing and why you play that one in the thread if you like,



Score Submissions:

Please make a new post for each score you post, with your score as the first line of your post, along with a photo or screen shot showing your score. This game finishes Sunday 11 April 2021, Midnight Sydney time.


3 ball is default for this game so that is what we are playing.


No continues are allowed when submitting a score and must be played from the beginning of the game.



Game on... who will win control of the universe?



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I used to like this on my cab, i don't like it so much on the desktop




Yea, this one gets a fair bit of play on my cab - not sure if I've ever played it on the laptop?

My best is a bit under 1.5mil, but that's a 5 ball score, so I'll be happy to crack the million in 3 balls.......watch me screw this right up!


Edit: Just checked and I have played it on the laptop - exactly the same high score, so I must've copied the nvram from one to the other at some stage.

Now I don't know where I got my best score!:unsure


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My score just piping hers 1,083,720 great game fast and that late 70’s early 80’s sounds just love it....

we are playing single ball game ..so is there a multi ball?? Well that would be fun..

with the original pinball was there ever any multi ball games realised or is it a visual mad..


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Again, an installed-but-never-played table. Awesome rules, great challenging table, the "give or take" multiplier for the royal flush is a very nice feature. Played a couple of times today and managed to do 811.630. will be aiming for the million next 💪



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Yesssssss. After countless tries, I finally managed to get over 1.000.000 and got 1.247.300. 1st time I'm on the podium (hope it's gonna last ^^). Love this game.






Looks like you lit the candle and played well into the early hours of the morning judging by the time of your post.

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Looks like you lit the candle and played well into the early hours of the morning judging by the time of your post.


Looks like he's playing in Belgium, so probably more likely that was posted around dinner time.

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