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ATARI - Millipede (USA Import)

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This is one I'm already regretting, but ya got to do what ya got to do.... :cry

I've also had a fair few asking for this one, so here it is !



ATARI: Millipede - USA import !


This was a lot harder to get a hold of, unlike the Centipedes I've had.

There just doesn't seem to be as many around, might be due to the fact that they're more collectable,

as there is a kit available that plays both Centipede and Millipede that only works on Millipede.

Multipede Kit: https://www.brasington.org/arcade/products/cm/

Info about the game: https://www.arcade-museum.com/game_d...p?game_id=8698



All original & working and plays well as it should.

All parts & wiring inside is in original un-molested condition.

Runs on 240v, so no step down transformer required.


"As is"

Price: $2900



Inspections welcome & recommended.

Cash up front or Bank Deposit if interstate.


Pickup Only, near Sale, VIC.

For any interstate buyers interested, Bill Big Ass Van comes here.









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