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Galaga & Pleiades Cocktails (USA Imports)

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Here are a couple more cocktails I need to move on, due to moving house...


Both machines have been imported from USA


First up is a Zaccaria cocktail with a Galaga board (boot) inside and all works.

Price is $550



Second has a Pleiades board in side and it also works.

Its supposed to have a glass top, but it was missing when I got it, so I just played it as it is.

Also need a coin box or a door made to cover the hole, or just leave it as I did LOL

No idea what this originally was and I cant find any markings on it, but if someone knows, then let me know.

Price is $380


If someone wants both, I'd them the pair for $800



Both machines have new switching power supplies.



Inspections welcome & recommended.

Cash up front or Bank Deposit if interstate.


Pickup Only, near Phillip Island.


For any interstate buyers interested, Bill Big Ass Van comes here.









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