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VPGL 17 - Game 3 ~ Black Jack - Closed

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Game 3, Black Jack comes to a close and while there was no life in a dead bounce and a flipper pass was impossible, some people managed truly great scores.


Congratulations to mozzie 1 who manages to stand at the top of the podium for his first time in the VPGL with a massive score. JoeSoap takes his second 2nd place for this competition and PPLBob takes another third place. tcholeaway chimes in with their highest finish so far and RusstyT showing great consistency.


Great effort by everyone and some great banter.



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My first comp win ....

it was a game of black jack luck with your cards and accurate right hand side shots to build up x’s and then bonus points.....

just had a couple of really good lucky games and the rest didn’t even reach 100k there was a lot of 4 letter words let fly on this game to the misses disgust 🥺😮

Thanks jar for running the comp muchly appreciated

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Forgot jar
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