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Building a pinball


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I have a Creality CR-10 V2. I don’t have heaps of experience but did a heap of research into all the options out there and chose it because of its print size, price, cooling, print bed surface and frame design all make it a good bundle. Straight out of the box with very little assembly and standard settings on a free slicer software Cura it just works great. Very happy with it. Can print big stuff which is tops. Lots of printers a kind of small in print size. You could print some great ramps etc on it. Can do up to 300mm x 300mm x 400mm


Wow. That print size is huge.

Ill keep that in mind when having a look.

Thanks for that. I’m so excited. Will be super fun.

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@AtariTam while everyone here is giving great advice, I would recommend that you keep it small, keep it simple

overreaching might mean it is a project you never finish

many people start their own project and never finish due to the need to be proficient in many, many skills. and the need to buy many tools which will only be used once


Great point.

I think he will be happy with the theme and a few characters put on it. �


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Help. My son (7yr old) has been desperate to make a pinball for about a year now. I think I’ll be able to hold him out till maybe next year. Anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this. I’m guessing a re theme is probably the easier alternative. Also is there any short (6 month) courses I could do to learn about the electronics side to it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


You would need a PC and shipping NSW --> QLD @Jed is selling his VP for a good price.


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