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Free Fun-E-Ball Arcade

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Hi guys, looking to free up space again so am giving away this Fun-E-Ball bouncy ball arcade.

Built in 1997 apparently, I thought it was older.

Requires a step down transformer to operate (110v).


Free with $20 donation to AA

Pickup from Mount Druitt, NSW


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If I find out the Member Name I'm banning them from the Trading Section.


What they've done is 100% against the spirit of this forum and the generosity of its members



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Look guys he being honest here. He states he no longer needs this game. Obviously he's had his time with it and now it's got to move along 😂


and he states he's willing to negotiate a little so he's not absolutely greedy as he's gotta maintain some sort of profit margin what was his initial outlay again 😂

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Not to defend the guy, but flipping isn't a problem to me if the person either says that's what is going to happen and especially if they don't bust my balls in dropping prices etc coz its their dream game.


flipping isn't a bad thing if you put in a bit of work, but I hear too often where the seller is thinking he's doing the buyer a big favour or nice thing, then the next day it's up for sale. That's not on imo.



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