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The Official AA Conspiracy Theory Thread

Pie Chucker

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You know Pete having your bum crack stitched up never stops you farting, it just changes direction and comes out your nose. :laugh::lol

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Cool, I wouldn't have bothed writing this but this is thread is magically here now here so now I will be bothered. It's in regards to the CoVid vaxs and what I've noticed in NSW.

Prior to this outbreak, uptake was nothing special. Seemed most people used the excuse of "I'll wait till Physa, Fuck AZ, I'm not taking that shit"but by God that all changed when this outbreak took off.

Just to give you some idea, I was originally in the 2nd level, (1st is my wife because of Cemo she had last year) but I get second on the "jab list" because i live with her and they figured if she got it through me, could be bad news. Then it changed to I must use Physa, pre 60 cool, when......7th of Novemeber 1st jab.

Then the shit hit the fan. Now you can go to the local chemist, litrally walk in and done. "Come back in 3 weeks for the second hole in your arm and your done. AZ that is. Physa well, you may be lucky but most are book now and well get back to you and we'll confirm but I can tell you this. no one in the state really gives as shit any longer. Just get me done and them I wait 3 more weeks and the vax starts to work. No 12 weeks between jabs of AZ any more

I guess why I'm writing this is you really want to get this done when there is little to no demand for getting it done in your state before it does become a mass panic when this virus takes off and believe me, lockdown don't really work with this flavour and it becomes apparent, this shit takes off around you are you are preying it doesn't strike you unprotected. Deta' version of this CoVid's attitude seems to be lockdown in your house, cool, "I'll infect everyone in that house". Where as stay away from others used to work, Deta no

I'll be so bold as to say you are seeing what is going on NSW and Vic ATM.  Take that as a warning what WILL happen in your state sooner or later. Give yourself a chance and make it easy for yourself because that choice is suddenly is taken away from you when everyone in the state wants protection at once.

My 20 year old and 24 year old boys both got there 1st jab yesterday. AZ come back in three weeks. Phyza was 20 October for the first jab.

There you go. Nothing political intending just a bit of advice that may help my fellow Machine guys. Some of us are becoming old bastards and please, look after yourselves. None of us bothered who made "Suzy Spoon" or "Neddy the Neddle" did we?.

Neddy was for polio and can't rememeber exactly what Suzi did. i just remeber it tasted like crap and the neddle made most of the kids cry.



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