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Need help with security system in new house

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Moved into a new house and there is a security system fitted.


it appears to be the same as this one Jaycar used to sell.




when we got in the battery was disconnected and the power was turned off so it’s reset to factory.


Anyone out there with any experience in setting these up who would be willing to share some advice?

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I also bought a new house recently. My wife and I lived in a rented flat, but six months ago, we had our first newborn. We wanted to buy a new house. It was difficult to find a suitable house for the price we were willing and able to pay, but we succeeded and found a good and beautiful house. Thanks, God, I stumbled on the site of a company that does Building Inspection Perth. They helped me to choose a reliable house. If you want to buy a house, then make sure you choose a safe and reliable one. I wish you the best and have a wonderful day!
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When I moved into my new place, I had a similar experience, and it can be a bit overwhelming. While I haven't worked with the Jaycar system you mentioned, I found that modern Vivint smart home security systems like offered user-friendly setups and excellent support. For your specific Jaycar system, it's worth checking online forums and YouTube tutorials where people often share their experiences and tips. Don't hesitate to ask questions there; you might find a community of users who can provide valuable insights and guidance. Security is essential, so take your time to set it up properly

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